Due to Covid19, our classes are smaller than usual. We will be following all protocol as required by NCDHHS. https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/


Delores Hayes was an amazing instructor! Her knowledge, personality, and ability to teach her craft, made the class both highly enjoyable and surprisingly productive. I am already enrolled to attend a future class with this lovely human.

David Huber is a friendly, renowned, highly knowledgeable and caring instructor! With his guidance, I enjoyed learning how to make a beautiful pipe in one day! I highly recommend this super-cool woodworking class! Thanks, David! Peggy Clark

David was awesome! I look forward to participating to more classes in the future.

I truly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it. I plan to attend another class…..Pipe Making 102.

The class was excellent! We were able to make a completed product with “bob the builder” level knowledge of how to make pipes. Dave was fun, interactive, and very knowledgable. Weve been telling everyone we know about the experience!

This was a great class. David was an excellent teacher!

Unbelievable class with fantastic instructor. I will be back many more times.