Intro to Linocut Printmaking

$75 usd
Sat Mar 21, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (EDT)
Liberty Arts Studio, 918 Pearl St., Durham, NC, United States  

Come and get inky! This workshop will provide an introduction to the art of linocut printmaking.

Linocut (linoleum) is a relief printmaking technique that is done by carving into sheets of linoleum-the same material that was originally developed for flooring-with a variety of small carving tools. Linoleum is an incredibly versatile printmaking medium that is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Unlike wood, linoleum has no grain so it cuts easily in all directions. Lino also has no surface pattern so it produces rich deep areas of black when printing. Students will learn basic techniques for design, transfer, cutting (mark making), and printing.

This is a beginning class. No printmaking experience necessary! All supplies will be provided.

For this class we will be using the standard Battleship linoleum in 4” x 6” unmounted sheets and printing by hand on a variety of 9” x 12” white papers. Each student will take home a small edition of their own black & white prints as well as their newly carved blocks. Students are welcome to exchange prints with other students as well.

Class will run Saturday from 11-6 with an hour break for lunch.

Kara Garrett

Printmaking Instructor
Liberty Arts Studio, 918 Pearl St., Durham, NC, United States