Pipe Making 101

$140 usd
Sat Jan 11, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EST)
Liberty Arts Studio, 918 Pearl St., Durham, NC, United States  

Make your very own briar pipe with world renowned artisan pipe maker David S. Huber. David is excited to spend a day sharing his passion and knowledge, teaching registrants how to design and craft a hand-made pipe from start to finish.

No matter your experience level, you will have a great time and leave with an exciting display piece that will forever connect you to the history of Durham and surprise and intrigue your family and friends! This class is generously sponsored by VermontFreehand.com and BriarWorks, USA.

Participants will
I. Design, shape, refine, texture, stain, finish, and buff their briar pipe
II. Refine, bend, and buff the mouthpiece for their pipe
III. Learn all about the tools and processes used for briar pipe making, including a state of the art sandblasting system and custom shaping tools.
IV. Leave with a complete briar pipe, created by their own hands

The class begins with a walk through of all the tooling included in David’s workshop, including the materials and how they are sourced. A 30 minute break is scheduled at 12:30, so be sure to bring lunch with you.

Class begins at 9 am and ends when all pipes are complete, no later than 4 pm. If a custom date or time is desired, please feel free to contact the instructor.

Materials for making one briar pipe are included in the price of the class. If needed, additional materials can be purchased on the day of the class.

I look forward to working with you!

David S. Huber

Artisan Pipe Maker
Liberty Arts Studio, 918 Pearl St., Durham, NC, United States