Plasma Cutting

$180 usd
Sat Aug 31, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
Liberty Arts Studio, 918 Pearl St., Durham, NC, United States  

Cut your own design into a sheet of metal to create your own, very personal yard art or wall hanging, whatever brings you joy.

You will be cutting out a your design with a plasma cutter, either free-hand or using a template. If you’ve never used a plasma cutter before, get ready for an amazing experience. You’ll be holding a very controlled bolt of lightning in your hands.

Welders, grinders and metal cutting is also available. You really are only limited by your imagination (and what will fit in your car), so have fun!

Come prepared with a design and depending on your preference, we will cut a template out of wood or you could go free-hand on the sheet. All sheets are 16 gauge hot-rolled metal.

The class includes 4 square feet of sheet metal (either 2’X2’ or 4’X1’). More metal can be purchased for $5/square foot. There will also be limited access to welding class metal and other straight stock. If you have an idea for a project that includes a lot of other metal, please contact me ahead of time to discuss options. All payments for extra sheet metal go directly to instructor at time of class. Check, cash or Venmo is fine.

Please call with any questions. Really looking forward to seeing you soon!

Evie G Watts

Studio Director/Artist/Instructor
Liberty Arts Studio, 918 Pearl St., Durham, NC, United States